White Rice Swarna $339.9 00%
White Rice 100% Broken $329.9 00%
White Rice IR 64 5% Broken $389.89 00%
White Rice IR 64 25% Broken $381.89 00%

“Factrade provides information to every stakeholder in the industry and allows buyers & suppliers to trade with confidence”

About Us

We gather information from all sources within the industry, with the aim to empower it and maintain transparency.

Our stakeholders are equipped with high quality information, a system to ensure quality, a gateway to enable negotiations, and a platform to rate each and every transaction.

Through the process created by Factrade, new business opportunities are created, enabling new buyers and suppliers to trade thus bringing down the cost of the buyers and increasing the portfolio of suppliers.

How We Are Different?

So, is Factrade just another broker?

No. Our role goes beyond that of the broker, we function as an extension to your sales and procurement team. Dealing with only a limited number of buyers and suppliers, a broker is unable to provide adequate liquidity to the supplier and provide negotiation power to the buyer.

  • Factrade empowers you with reliable and precise price information.
  • We provide extensive track records of the trade history among buyers and suppliers around the globe
  • We enable stakeholders to enjoy the security of a transparent market, and thereby trade with confidence.

How We Add Value

Factrade, true to the definition of an efficient facilitator, strives to add value to both sides of the transaction.

Key provisions made by Factrade include

  • Accurate information about prices, quality parameters, and industry standards
  • Increasing liquidity, and negotiations amongst suppliers and buyers respectively
  • Access to an ever-evolving network of traders and other stakeholders
  • Through track records of the buyers and suppliers dealing through Factrade creates goodwill for the traders helping them create their value in the market