White Rice Swarna $339.9 00%
White Rice 100% Broken $329.9 00%
White Rice IR 64 5% Broken $389.89 00%
White Rice IR 64 25% Broken $381.89 00%

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • Factrade is a B2B Trading platform that is built to help the agricultural commodities sector - Buyers and Suppliers around the world get better business deals in the market by giving them a platform wherein they can trade with trusted exporters/importers in the industry. We make sure that companies who have signed up on Factrade get reliable market information, receive competitive bids, and close genuine deals.
  • To avoid fraudulent activity on our platform, we need all the specified documents to be verified. Please be assured all the documents will be confidential to Factrade.
  • Please click the "Join" button from the top panel of the home page which will redirect you to a form to be filled to create an account. You can also click this link to see our video demo on how to sign up with Factrade.

  • Please refer to the action button "Search Companies" in the footer of the website.
  • Please subscribe at the bottom of the home page with your email id to subscribe for Newsletter and Daily Rice Market Report.
  • The supply chain clarifies the way you operate. If you are doing local procurement in the country of origin and shipping the same you are an exporter, if you are located in a third country you are an international trader, if you are importing cargo at the destination you are an importer.

Buying and Selling

  • Trading on this platform can be done only by verified companies. Our website header has an action button named "Post an RFQ" which will redirect you to a form to be filled to submit your details for the requirement for the RFQ.
  • All RFQ's listed at Factrade go through a mandatory and stringent screening process by our team before getting posted on our platform.
  • Through our profile verification process, we are strictly verifying profiles before they can fully use our platform services. Also, the review rating will give you a fair idea of the company's work.

  • If you are not able to send a quotation to an RFQ lead, this means you are not permitted to bid for that RFQ as the requested supply chain from the buyers is not matching with your supply chain.

  • This Function helps you to automatically re-post your RFQ.

  • Factrade uses only Dollar [$] currency for any transactions.
  • Currently, Factrade does not have such functionality.

  • Buyer can either choose the Direct Buy option if the offer is satisfying or send a counter offer which will be the final price. Please note that the counter offer can only be sent once.

  • Yes, but after sending your first proposal once you have to wait for 1 hour to propose different terms.
  • Please contact us by emailing us at support@factrade.com
  • No. the Quote price is visible only to the RFQ poster.
  • You can attach any supporting documents that are relevant to the proposal of the RFQ.
  • Cancellation of contract is possible with valid reason, please email us at support@factrade.com
  • Factrade is developing more options to let you trade other agricultural commodities. Currently, you can trade other agricultural products under other products categories. While posting an RFQ in "choose your product" section click "Other Country", "Custom Products", and "Other Products". Please take note that the submitted RFQ will go through a mandatory and stringent screening process by our team before getting posted on our platform.

Account Management

  • A member can be suspended when they breach our Service Agreement Contract.

  • After the completion of each successful contract, buyers and suppliers can review each other. This will provide extensive track records of the trade history among buyers and suppliers to make their market value stronger thus leading to a more transparent market.

  • All reviews posted by either party will be shown on the platform after being approved by the admin to give realistic overall ratings.

  • The review button is enabled only on completion of any contract.

  • After posting the review, the admin verifies the same before it is published to the platform.

  • Reviews are based on the experience an individual may have. We shall verify the review and then post it.
  • Currently, Factrade does not have such functionality

  • No. All your documents are confidential with Factrade.
  • Currently, Factrade does not have any such privilege.

  • Currently, we are working on this and will be active soon.

  • Please visit your profile page and at the upper right corner of the panel, you can see the edit button. You can also click this link to see our video demo on how to fill up your profile.

Technical Issues

  • If a user gets an error message, please contact Factrade directly.

    In order to contact Factrade, click Contact Us.

    By sending a message, one of our team members will provide support in your concern.

  • There are a few reasons you are not able to log into your account.
    1. Your username and/or password is incorrect. Reset your password.
    2. You do not have an account. Register an account.
    3. Your browser is caching old copies of the web pages. To solve this, after you have logged in using your username and password, press 'F5' or click the 'Refresh' button on your browser a few times.
    4. Your browser is not accepting cookies. Enable your browser to accept cookies.

  • If a bug gets encountered, please contact Factrade, click Contact Us or send us an email at support@factrade.com.

    By sending a message, one of our team members will provide support in your concern.


  • Factrade platform usage is absolutely free for buyers and suppliers. However, after a successful transaction Factrade Charges USD $1 per MTS to the supplier.

  • No. There are no hidden fees.
  • Payment can be made through an online process via Master/Visa card or bank transfer.
  • No. There are no renewal fees.
  • Factrade is a trade facilitator and we are not responsible for anything regarding the product or shipment.

Can't Find your Answers?

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