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IRRI 6 5% Broken Overview

In Pakistan, rice is said to be the second main staple food crop and second major internationally traded commodity after cotton. It accounts for 3.1% of the value added in agriculture and 0.6% of GDP. Pakistan is also tenth largest producer of rice in the world and predominantly a strong market contributor along with India and Thailand. Rice in Pakistan originates from various zones including the northern high mountainous areas of Khyber and Pakhtunkhwa which receives an average rainfall of 1000 mm, the other areas include Ravi and Chenab along with the Indus Basin. Pakistan Rice is known for its brilliant texture, polish and length and is sought after in the overseas markets. The main variety in export is called IRRI 6.

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1. Full kernel not exceeding 15%
2. 25kg PP, Bags should be 75 grams min
3. Inspection from international agency from Supplier's side

Packaging25KG PP
Quantity250 MTS
POL: Muhammad Bin Qasim, PakistanPOD: Malaysia, Malaysia

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