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IR - 64/36 5% Broken Overview

IR 36 is one the semi dwarf variety which is early maturing and high yielding Indian parboiled rice. By cross-breeding IR 8 with 13 parent varieties from six nations(India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the USA). The combination of these characteristics soon made IR 36 rice one of the most widely planted food crop varieties worldwide in just a few years. IR 36 5% Broken Parboiled rice is double polished and cleaned and processed fine to match/exceed the global standards. IR36 has eliminated some of the risks a rice farmer takes each time a seed is planted. Extension workers of many nations took the versatile variety to farmers. IR 36 non Basmati parboiled Rice has delightful aroma & freshness, It has a delicious taste and easy to digest, cook, highly hygienic & healthy.

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1. IR 64/36 below 5% broken, Moisture below 14%
2. 25 and 50 Kgs BOPP Bags
3. Inspection from International Agency from Buyer's side

Quantity520 MTS
POL: India, IndiaPOD: Freetown, Sierra Leone

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1. 25kg PP bags
2. FOB Kolkata

Packaging25 KG PP Bag
Quantity130 MTS
POL: Kolkata, IndiaPOD: Banjul, Gambia

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