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100% Broken Overview

Broken rice is damaged white rice that is broken while processing the Paddy. During the milling process, grain fragments of which the length does not exceed three quarters of the average length of the whole grain, are separated from the white rice. This is classed as broken rice. A grain of broken rice gives a low fibre texture and low nutrient level while retaining its high energy. It is believed that in the latter part of the 20th Century (around 1980's) African Nations started consuming 100% broken white rice due to extreme shortage of currency. In Senegal 100% broken rice replaced the consumption of millets. This type of rice is also used for baby formulas, rice cereals, pet foods, rice wine, rice flour, as well as pre- package or edible canned food items.

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1. White Rice 100% Broken, Moisture below 14%
2. 50 Kgs PP Bag should be 130 grams min
3. Inspection from International Agency from Buyer's side
4. Shipping line - Maersk, CMA, MSC
5. 21 days free time at POD Djibouti

Quantity260 MTS
POL: India, IndiaPOD: Djibouti, Djibouti

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1. Full kernel not exceeding 5%, 1.5 mm not exceeding 15%
2. 50kg PP Bags
3. Inspection from international agency from Buyer's side

Packaging50KG PP
Quantity156 MTS
POL: India, IndiaPOD: Banjul, Gambia

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