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IR 64 25% Broken Overview

IR64 / IR36 long grain white rice is a widely renowned Indian rice variety. The rice is known for its long grain and good cooking in non-basmati category. Non-basmati rice is acclaimed all over the world for its unique taste and high nutritional value. With a pleasant scent and equally satisfying and affordable price range, IR-64 Non-Basmati Rice is a high demand commodity for the consuming population in West Africa, Bangladesh and of course India. It is specifically grown in the Southern and South-eastern parts of India including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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1. IR 64 White rice 25% broken, Moisture below 14%
2. 50 Kgs PP Bag should be 130 grams min
3. Inspection from International Agency from Buyer's side

Packaging50KG PP
Quantity1000 MTS
POL: India, IndiaPOD: Conakry, Guinea

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1. Moisture max 14%
2. 25 kg BOPP, Bags should be 75 grams min
3. Inspection from international agency from Supplier's side

Packaging25 kg BOPP
Quantity1500 MTS
POL: India, IndiaPOD: Cotonou, Benin

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